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We have two types of report,
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Possibilities Report

An in-depth report produced by qualified planners, engineers and consultants, giving you up to four options of how you could subdivide your property.

This report is for property owners interested in subdividing, it incorporates everything from the overview, plus gives you up to 4 ways you could subdivide. Complete with concept sketches, the report details how many dwellings, what size they could be, and the relevant design constraints they buildings would need to adhere to.
COST: $1249 inc. GST
DELIVERY: 7 Working Days

Overview Report

A simple report which will tell you if subdivision is possible at your place, and any limiting factors that may need to be resolved before subdivision.

We search for and report issues like: Protected trees or buildings, listed geotechnical issues, boundary and access issues, Iwi issues, contaminination issues, flood plains, overland flow etc, connected services.
COST: $99 +GST
DELIVERY: 48 hours.

A true story...

A family who had been in their home for over 10 years decided to sell. They secured a buyer, but on settlement day, the purchaser on-sold the property for twice the price!
How could this happen? 
The buyer knew he could subdivide and arranged a consent during the settlement period of the sale. The subdivided land was worth far more than the owners thought was possible.
Find out what is possible with your property by purchasing a Property Possibilities Report.

"We never thought it was possible to subdivide our 691m2 section but thanks to Property Possibilities we now know we can add two rental houses and keep our own home!!"

Mark & Sharon - SUNNYVALE, Auckland

Auckland's Property Laws have changed.

To help with Auckland's housing shortage, the council has significantly changed the zoning laws in the new ‘Unitary Plan’ which came into effect in November 2016. Sites that were previously not subdividable are now eligible for new development.
The rules around the unitary plan are complex, and subject to ‘current council assessments’. So our professional report, from qualified planners, designers and civil engineers will clearly show you what the possibilities are, and what is required, should you wish to proceed.

"I have a young couple, clients, who were wanting to sell their home in what has been a tougher market of late. We looked at the possibility of subdivision but thought we were 20m2 short.
Thanks to Property Possibilities we now know that the site can accommodate up to 4 homes and all on their own fee simple titles!”

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