Feel empowered when you discover the possibilities.

Once you know what is possible on your property, you can make smart, informed decisions.
Purchase a Property Possibilities Report today and discover your options.

Some options we've discovered for our clients.

Most people have no idea what is possible on their property, and since the new Unitary Plan came into effect, there are so many possibilities!

Build Up

Un-notifiable consent for up to two more stories on the existing dwelling.

Reposition Existing

Reposition the existing dwelling to create space for town houses.

Town Houses

Build 2 or more town houses on the property

Create an
Empty Lot

Sub-divide the section and sell as an empty lot.

Add Minor Dwelling

Add a detached minor dwelling up to 60sqm.

Split the Existing Dwelling

Split the large existing dwelling into two titles
Purchase a Property Possibilities Report today and find out what is possible on your property.

What will I get in a Property Possibilities Report?

  • A site report from a qualified planner.
  • Diagrams and explanation of up to four possible options for your site.
  • A site report from a qualified civil engineer.
  • Site impact investigation - eg. Potential soil contamination etc.Access to project pricing and evaluation
  • Access to our online quote tool - get discounted quotes and estimates from our partners online.

A true story...

A family who had been in their home for over 10 years decided to sell. They secured a buyer, but on settlement day, the purchaser on-sold the property for twice the price!
How could this happen? 
The buyer knew he could subdivide and arranged a consent during the settlement period of the sale. The subdivided land was worth far more than the owners thought was possible.
Find out what is possible with your property by purchasing a Property Possibilities Report.

"One of my vendors wanted to know what was possible with their property, after checking with council we were more confused than before we had even asked! Nothing seemed possible - until Property Possibilities offered not just one, but four possible solutions!”

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