Don't think you can subdivide?
Think again.

It used to be that land size was the main factor in deciding if a property was subdividable. Under the new Unitary Plan, there is now NO MINIMUM SIZE for subdivision. Plus there are allowances for minor dwellings, terraced housing, splitting one dwelling in to two titles and more.
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What will I get in an Overview Report?

We'll explain which zone your property is in, and what that means (in plain english) We'll also search for potential issues like:
  • Protected trees or buildings
  • Listed geotechnical issues
  • Boundary & access issues
  • Iwi issues
  • Contamination issues
  • Flood plains, and overland flows
  • Connected services

A true story...

A family who had been in their home for over 10 years decided to sell. They secured a buyer, but on settlement day, the purchaser on-sold the property for twice the price!
How could this happen? 
The buyer knew he could subdivide and arranged a consent during the settlement period of the sale. The subdivided land was worth far more than the owners thought was possible.
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"One of my vendors wanted to know what was possible with their property, after checking with council we were more confused than before we had even asked! Nothing seemed possible - until Property Possibilities offered not just one, but four possible solutions!”

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