We have two types of report,
which one is right for you?

Possibilities Report

An in-depth report produced by qualified planners, engineers and consultants, giving you up to four options of how you could subdivide your property.

This report is for property owners interested in subdividing, it incorporates everything from the overview, plus gives you up to 4 ways you could subdivide. Complete with concept sketches, the report details how many dwellings, what size they could be, and the relevant design constraints they buildings would need to adhere to.
COST: $1249 inc. GST
DELIVERY: 7 Working Days

Overview Report

A simple report which will tell you if subdivision is possible at your place, and any limiting factors that may need to be resolved before subdivision.

We search for and report issues like: Protected trees or buildings, listed geotechnical issues, boundary and access issues, Iwi issues, contaminination issues, flood plains, overland flow etc, connected services.
COST: $99 +GST
DELIVERY: 48 hours.

"One of my vendors wanted to know what was possible with their property, after checking with council we were more confused than before we had even asked! Nothing seemed possible - until Property Possibilities offered not just one, but four possible solutions!”

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